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    I spent a week in the woods at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, taking a songwriting class from the illimitable Kathy Kallick. After a few writing prompts, I wrote a country song that’s about a woman who keeps walking away from the issues and events in her life: “It’s all because of boot heels on the road…” The chorus goes— Starlight, star bright Her skies are made for stormy weather Starlight, star bright, Her skies are made for rain I’ll post a recording if my sweetie’s ever happy with the music he’s written for it!

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    Hello, Detachment

    I am made of the pieces of my life that I remember… In ‘The Tempest’, Caliban says “This thing of darkness I acknowledge mine.” My greatest darkness is the detachment that I practice when I’m in distress. But when I’m detached, my writing and relationships suffer. So to be who I want to be, to write what I want to write, I must abandon what I’ve always used to protect myself. Welcome to paradox.

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    How to Swim an Elegy

    A 20-year-old orca, known as Tahlequah, gave birth to a female calf on July 24. The baby orca died only a few minutes later. Keeping the calf’s lifeless body afloat atop her head, Tahlequah swam through choppy seas for more than two weeks. *** HOW TO SWIM AN ELEGY by Craig van Rooyen This is a job for your barnacle-wrecked body. Grief, it turns out, is too much for the mind. It enervates the yellowed enamel of your ground-down molars; chafes at the skin sack separating your water from the world’s water. Keep your chin up. Not because the sympathy cards tell you to, but because the horizon’s gone, replaced…

  • Art & Design Projects

    Business Card Design for McKain Lakey, Musician

    McKain is an instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, who works as a solo artist, as part of the duo Woolly Breeches, and with other bands and musicians. She is also an experienced audio engineer who has worked as a front-of-house engineer, monitor engineer, and stage/production manager. So happy that McKain trusted me to create a biz card for her musical life!

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    It rains. Watch closely as they weave and start their pearl-hung mornings. From “The Spiderweb Trilogy” by Adrienne Asher