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    More polite rejections. More self-doubt. On the other hand, I’ve submitted to seven new journals and put x-amount of submissions on my calendar so that regardless of the blues I keep kicking things out the door. #stubborn #counterphobic

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    “While the authority of the doctor or plumber is never questioned, everyone deems [themselves] a good judge and an adequate arbiter of what a work of art should be and how it should be done.” Rothko died on this day in 1970. Rest in peace, Mark.

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    Blackbirds — by Susan Mitchell Because it is windy, a woman finds her clothesline bare, and without rancor unpins the light, folding it into her basket. The light is still wet. So she irons it. The iron hisses and hums. It knows how to make the best of things. The woman’s hands smell clean. When she shakes them out, they are voluminous, white. All night my hands weep in gratitude for the little things. That feet are not shoes. That blackbirds are eating the raspberries. That parsley does not taste like bread. From now on I want to live only by grace. In other words, not to deserve things. Without…

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    Fascinating! Mandombe or Mandombé is a script proposed in 1978 in Mbanza-Ngungu in the Bas-Congo province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo by Wabeladio Payi, who related that it was revealed to him in a dream by Simon Kimbangu, the prophet of the Kimbanguist Church. Mandombe is based on the sacred shapes and , and intended for writing African languages such as the four national languages of the Congo, Kikongo, Lingala, Tshiluba and Swahili, though it does not have enough vowels to write Lingala fully. It is taught in Kimbanguist church schools in Angola, the Republic of the Congo, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is also…

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    Sublime da Vinci App

    Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy — all 268 pages from his notebooks, in high resolution. This sublime collection of drawings of human anatomy by Leonardo da Vinci is one of the greatest treasures from the Royal Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. All 268 pages from Leonardo’s notebooks are presented here at the highest resolution, optimised for the pin-sharp retina display of the iPad. For the first time it is possible for anyone with an iPad to own and explore this remarkable testament to Leonardo’s scientific and artistic genius. This new digital edition has been specially created for the iPad by Touch Press, publishers of The Elements and…

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    The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Your Writing)

    Scooped from a Twitter thread by Benjamin Dreyer, Random House’s vice president, executive managing editor, and copy chief— The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Your Writing) Go a week without— very rather/somewhat really quite so of course that/which even thing this of course in fact the fact that interesting special famous precisely exactly utterly absolutely seems/appears there are simply put however indeed Very smart = brilliant Very tired = exhausted Very hungry = ravenous Of course, you can use them all. But first try doing without them and make yourself alarmingly conscious of them. Go forever without— just actually basically literally sort of kind of a lot proactive *** His…

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