• Poetry & Other Writing

    At The Inn, 2030

    Ten years ago, my buddy Richard La Rosa posted an online invitation to be part of a micro-fiction contest of 101 words (or less). Here was my entry—   At The Inn, 2030 The bar was filling up quickly with people escaping the rain. It had been a year now since we’d had sun, and drinking helped displace the fear. The WorldCorp Solar Project had failed for lack of rays; ditto most outdoor food crops. And the price of hydroponic food was exorbitant since we’d run out of easy oil. But basement beer hydro-farms were still cooking from stolen power, and nobody cared as long as we stayed off the…

  • Poetry & Other Writing


    My poem, Sixty, went live this week on “More Truly, More Strange, an Anthology of Poetry In Augmented Reality”. It’s a Snapchat-enabled project. Link, here. Here’s a written version: Sixty Standing in mist that autumn evening, waiting to go,  suddenly sixty snow geese overhead, a vast hushed company,  swirling clouds together. Muted wingbeats thrumming,  potent as a divination,  I could not leave them,  could not move as their wings brushed winds  upon my upturned face.   photograph: Snow Geese Flying by Ken Archer | Art.com

  • Poetry & Other Writing

    I’m in “The 64 Best Poets of 2018”

    Two of my poems were chosen for inclusion in Black Mountain Press’ “The 64 Best Poets of 2018” international collection. I owe a profound debt of gratitude to poet Bruce Beasley for working with me on these poems, part of a manuscript that is currently out to publishers. Solicitation Come now. Pull me into you as wind lures leaves into a vortex, reeling. My skin remembers fingers trailing and the touch of someone’s tongue. If you push your breath across my wrists, I’ll feel your most sacrificial secrets brush me. Betrayal and devotion, both. I will allow your breathing message to be borne to me the way a tiger carries…

  • Art & Design Projects

    Logo design for Pakistan Orphans Project

    My lifelong friend, Barry Casey, and his friend Wahab Sharoon, work with 35 orphans in a village in Pakistan. Together, they raise money to buy mosquito netting, tents, and cots, as well as organize projects for things like building toilets, for the children. Barry reached out to me, asking if I could design a quick and simple logo for their tiny organization, and of course I said yes … how could I not?