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Emergency Preparedness and the Wuhan Coronavirus

Well, this is more than a little off topic for this website, but the Wuhan coronavirus is making things a bit dicey at the moment. With that in mind, I’ve create a page devoted to all things pandemic.


This one-page overview covers everything I’ve collected from reputable sources on this virus—news sources, goals, and best practices from the CDC, WHO, NIH, and others.

It includes a downloadable multi-tab Excel spreadsheet for your use, which I’ve created for preparing for *any* local emergency, but updated with Wuhan Coronavirus material. It has tabs for home prep, go-bags (3 levels), first aid kits (4 levels), pet go-bags, and car bags. You will need to fill in some sections for your particular county and city.

I’ll update as I learn more…

hope you find this helpful,