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Directions for a Writer

Honored and excited to learn that my poem “Directions for a Writer” has been selected for inclusion in The Passed Note! Thank you so much to the editor, Pushcart Prize nominee Stephanie R. Johnson, for choosing my work for their Issue 7, June 2018 edition.

Directions for a Writer

Run hatless out the door.
Burn your tongue
with all the words
the songs
the soft sounds of awe.

Fly far and high.
your center.
Be still
and know
you are the question
you are the answer.

Fill yourself with wonder.
Let it spill over your rim
flood down your skin
send chills dancing.

Lean back under the arch of sky
pine needles singing beneath you.
Stare uncomprehendingly at stars.
Become witness to nothing
to everything.

The editor wrote—

Thank you for sending us “Directions for a Writer”. We love it (that first line!) and would like to publish it in the June issue of The Passed Note .. We are ecstatic to call you one of our artists.