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As Heavily as Ripe Pears

My poem “As Heavily as Ripe Pears” was published in the Spring 2017 edition of VoiceCatcher. The editor’s praise was generous:

“It’s been a very long time since I read a poem as beautifully erotic as this one, erotic in a way that is vital, sound and glorious. Erotic in the light of day, erotic at midnight, and sensuous to the max. In my early reading, I wrote to the other editors: “…this poet may succeed in summoning Aphrodite to earth by use of the third stanza of this poem.” What a celebration this is.”

As Heavily as Ripe Pears

We kiss
and tumble into tangled sheets
unsure which tingling body
we inhabit—

I press against you
pull your naked ribs to me
dive into your mystery
gather the sudden curve of your body

Smooth as luscious olive oil
gliding down an arm,
aromatic as sun-hot herbs
dizzying the senses—
a wildflower filled
with uncommon sweetness
you are
you are

Singing, I chant you
Harping, I thrum you
Drumming, I sound you—
your body
my ecstatic song.

Come to me now.
Move through my rooms,
fill me with your kisses,
fall into me
silent as lush midnight,
heavily as ripe pears.