My food blog, Blackberry Season, is an exploration of both ordinary and special occasion recipes. Most are vegan, some are ovo-lacto vegetarian, and most are also low fat/low sodium.

For decades, I filled up on sugary treats, rich meat, poultry, and fish dishes, gorgeous cheeses, and creamy sauces. I gained weight, slowly and steadily. Portions were large, and not surprisingly, my health suffered and I started getting troubling symptoms.

Then in 2017, my husband had a heart attack, followed by open-heart surgery. On his surgeon’s strong recommendation, our diet changed to a very low fat/low sodium, plant-based style. I was worried that I’d start gaining weight with all the grains, but I actually started losing weight slowly … so we’ve done just fine. And cooking this way has given me an opportunity to explore global recipes that depend on the intense flavors of spices and herbs rather than meats and salt and fat.

The name of my blog, Blackberry Season, came about because I was born during blackberry season, and my summer memories are filled with recollections of dusty trails, mounds of thorny thickets, and fingers and lips stained red with the sticky juice of stolen berries.

I have a passion for flavor and a reverence for ingredients, which I love to share. Please visit!