I now offer Site Cleanups and Threat-Vulnerability Scans for your WordPress website.
I start by creating weekly backups of your WordPress site to a Dropbox account.
Next, I run anti-virus/anti-malware searches for threats and vulnerabilities on your server (includes removal of threats, if necessary).
Following that, I clean up any unused, orphaned and duplicated data on your site. I’ll clean up revisions, auto drafts, unapproved comments, spam comments, trashed comments, orphan post meta, orphan comment meta, orphan user meta, orphan term relationships, unused terms, duplicated post meta, duplicated comment meta, duplicated user meta and transient options. I’ll also optimize your database tables.
Running scheduled anti-virus/anti-malware searches is becoming an unfortunate necessity, and regular clean ups allow you to reduce your database size. This creates quicker and smaller backup files, speeds up your backup process, and can add some performance improvements as well.