Are you a Realtor or real estate broker? I create real estate websites—and have actually been a Realtor—and have a degree in communications and decades of experience.

Anyone can throw up a site with MLS listings and a dry biography, but to really stand out from all the rest of the (very large) crowd, it’s important that your website hit the following marks:

  • Your website is a reflection of what makes you unique. Finding your voice, your passion, and your niche—and then reflecting that in the images and copy on your site—is what will show your prospective clients who you are and what they can expect from you.
  • Make sure your messages —both verbal and visual—are geared for your clientele. If you’re in the country, keep it casual. The city? Crisp and modern. Young clients will respond best to tech, and retirees, perhaps just the opposite. This can be done site-wide, or you can have different messages on different pages for different types of clients.
  • Use clear, honest, welcoming language. Not everyone knows real estate catchphrases, and no one likes reading corporate-speak. Be real. Be clear. And most of all, sound like yourself.
  • People are visual. Make sure your website is, too. Fill it with juicy images of your area, not just listings and stock photos. Real people, places, and events will give visitors to your site a warm welcome to your community.
  • People are probably not going to come to your site to search for properties…at least not as their first search. So why have a website? Local information. Potential buyers and sellers want to be assured that you know your community, neighborhoods, and what’s happening in the market. Experience is always weighted heavily, but a passion for your area, featured in a lively blog, will win hearts and minds, too.
  • What did you want—and need—to know last time you moved? Fill your site with helpful information. That’s where to start, and that’s what to focus on. Make your site a resource filled with so much helpful information that people return again and again.

Give me a call. Let’s talk about creating a website—and a social media presence—that really reflects who you are and where you shine. You will benefit, and your clients will, too!