Do you (or the person who’s in charge of your social) think in 140 characters? Know the pixel size difference between a Facebook Cover Photo and a Twitter Avatar? How to customize a Tumblr page or read Google Analytics? Do you know how to track what’s being said about your brand on social media? Or the meaning of the words: hashtag, handle, and hangout? If you answered yes, you’re in great shape! If not, investing in social media expertise and education (having an intern run your social doesn’t qualify!) will provide your organization with the tools to successfully participate in the evolving media landscape.

The goal of social media is to get as many people as possible excited about your brand.

The focus is “How can I add value to my community?” Do that with honesty, integrity, and creativity. The growth of your followers will gather momentum as more people find out about your work on different sites and share what they’ve found. A powerful multiplication then occurs, and growth becomes very rapid, creating a larger base of people interested in your business.

Get Found Online, Establish An Authentic Presence (Blogger, WordPress, TypePad) Blogs are a great method for pulling yourself to the top of search engine rankings. Design and write material that shares the story of what’s happening in your world.

FacebookSpread Your Message Verbally…And Virally (Facebook) Enlarge your fan base through a compelling Facebook page. Create a visually interesting page and fill it with product updates, photos, and interesting snippets of information from your field. Following that, join related groups and create targeted ads and promotions.

TwitterCreate Buzz With Daily Tweets On Your Brand (Twitter) Gather followers interested in your work, and find strong specialists to follow.

PinterestSpread Your Message Visually  (Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr) Get your message out in visual formats…where it can be shared.

Get Connected To Relevant Business Partners
 (LinkedIn) Craft a professional profile, and find people and groups that reflect where you want to go. Create weekly posts about news in your line of work. Manage your daily and weekly notifications and group participations.

FoursquareEncourage Visitors To Share Visits On Their Mobile Devices (Facebook Places, Foursquare) If your business has a physical location, brainstorm discounts and deals for your visiting fans.

YelpBe Proactive Regarding Both Positive And Negative Reviews (Yelp, Ask, Epinions) Make sure you’re tracking people’s reviews and opinions, and always respond…even to negative reviews. Especially to negative reviews!

StumbleUponCreate Authority-Building With Collaboration Sites (Wikipedia, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit) Write informative material that tells your story in a compelling way.

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