Art & Design Projects

A Painting Begins

I go through a weekly cycle that goes something like this:

Weekends contribute to my becoming inspired because I’m poring through books, websites, museums, galleries, maybe seeing some live music (or making it!), taking long walks, and photographing moments that catch my heart. At night, my dreams are filled with fantastic landscapes and projects.

By Monday, I’m filled with motivation. I want to write about it, paint it, create it. And so I dive in and start exploring those ideas, seeing where they lead me.

This Monday, it’s a new painting, 18″x18″, oil on canvas, of some dreamy callas. There’s also a conceptual piece that will begin sometime after Wednesday when my neighbor Laura drops off an old white picture frame that will provide the structure for a meditation on “connections”. And then there’s a book coming on encaustic painting that I’ll devour before exploring that (my vision is to do a series of 12×12 landscapes in oil that get deep layers of golden wax, giving them an underwater feel).

Time to begin…