• Web Design

    New Website Designed for Writer Robert P. Kaye

    Flash fiction writer, novelist, and creator of short stories, Robert P. Kaye has accumulated an impressive body of work. I’m delighted I got a chance to work with this man—it was seriously fun to knock ideas around with him. (bonus: he writes great emails) His work has appeared in Potomac Review, Hobart, Juked, the Dr. T. J. Eckleburg Review, Beecher’s and elsewhere and been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Web, and Best Small Fictions. He has facilitated the Works in Progress open mic at Hugo House in Seattle for over five years and co-founded the Seattle Fiction Federation reading series. www.RobertPKaye.com

  • Guides

    Of Malware and Men

    While testing out this website’s new design for 2019, Google gave me the message that everyone hates to see: This site may be hacked. Luckily, I have a lot of systems in place to dig into the guts of a website’s code and find out when evil operators have inserted malicious code. First, I recommend signing up with Google’s Search Console & Verification service. They crawl your site and let you know when any problems are found. They were the ones who alerted me that I had a problem. On my site, which uses a WordPress framework, I ran a “high sensitivity” scan via the free version of WordFence. It found malicious code…

  • Web Design

    Website Redesign for Bruce Blood

    Bruce Blood is my friend. He’s also a songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist whose distinctive songs capture evocative scenes from American life. As a guitarist, he is known for his versatility across genres such as folk, jazz, R&B, rock, and country. For the past 15 years, he has operated a recording studio, RMC Recording, that specializes in working with singer-songwriters and small combos. As of 2017, he also produces high-quality, small-scale music videos through Lindsey Lake Video. By the way, I also designed his logo and business card, about a year ago. What fun! www.BruceBlood.com  

  • Graphic Design

    Business Card Design for McKain Lakey, Musician

    McKain is an instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, who works as a solo artist, as part of the duo Woolly Breeches, and with other bands and musicians. She is also an experienced audio engineer who has worked as a front-of-house engineer, monitor engineer, and stage/production manager. So happy that McKain trusted me to create a biz card for her musical life!

  • Poetry

    Burning Through Dreams

    My poem, “Burning Through Dreams”, has been selected for inclusion in an upcoming issue of The Laurel Review. I’m honored and delighted. The Laurel Review was formed in 1966 at The University of Bridgeport, and is a biannual literary magazine run by GreenTower Press at Northwest Missouri State. Burning Through Dreams Curved around my dreaming I dive deeper. Cities shimmer, war-torn. Your image morphs into a candle flame wavering before me. Streets curve and reform under strange skies. Oceans surge and tower, falling. Lifted by the night’s tsunami, I awake with dreams lying tangled in my hair, the taste of the moon in my mouth. Your memory lies flashing like…

  • Poetry

    The Disappearance of Poems in Rain

    Honored and excited to learn that my poem “The Disappearance of Poems in Rain” was published in the December 11, 2017 edition of Typishly. Many thanks to Jon, founder and editor, for choosing my work for publication. He said “Your poems are unhurried, calming, measured. Like breathing, in and out.” The Disappearance of Poems in Rain I I drew a brief haiku with one wet finger on a windowsill, then rain washed it all away, the drops of water slowly clouding its calligraphy. Ephemeral as the scent of cedar trees, or the spice of woodsmoke drifting through a winter landscape. II We climbed up to the attic, windows dusted with dark…

  • Graphic Design

    Logo Design for Bruce Blood, Musician

    Songwriter, singer, guitarist…production, live audio, and recording…what does Bruce Blood not do when it comes to music? Honored that my buddy Bruce Blood trusted me to create a logo for his musical life. Next up: a website site re-design to incorporate his new logo and colors!

  • Poetry

    Directions for a Writer

    Honored and excited to learn that my poem “Directions for a Writer” has been selected for inclusion in The Passed Note! Thank you so much to the editor, Pushcart Prize nominee Stephanie R. Johnson, for choosing my work for their Issue 7, June 2018 edition. Directions for a Writer Run hatless out the door. Burn your tongue with all the words the songs the soft sounds of awe. Fly far and high. Circle your center. Be still and know you are the question you are the answer. Fill yourself with wonder. Let it spill over your rim flood down your skin send chills dancing. Lean back under the arch of…

  • Poetry

    Poetry Reading at Traditions Cafe in Olympia, Washington

    This was my first time reading at the monthly open mic at Traditions Cafe in Olympia. Yes, we’ve lived here for almost two years now, but what with one thing and another… Anyway, the poetry flowed from deep-voiced seriousness to slam to sensual to Palestinian. I was touched that strangers came by our table after I read to tell me how much they liked my work. Some even stayed long enough to ask deeper questions. I joined the Olympia Poetry Network, paid my dues, and plan to make a habit of showing up every month to read. Profound thanks to Dick Meyer, for creating such a welcoming space for creativity…

  • Graphic Design

    New Business Card!

    I love designing business cards, so I change mine frequently, just for the joy of it! This one combines two things I’m doing a lot these days: myth (writing) and magic (painting). The back reads “Adrienne Asher: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, fine art.”