• Poetry & Other Writing

    I’m Included in the Sixty Four Best Poets of 2018

    “Congratulations Adrienne, You have been selected to be in the Sixty Four Best Poets of 2018 by the Black Mountain Press and The Halcyone Magazine editorial staff!” I’m so happy about this. Fellow writers will understand that after papering the walls of one’s study with rejection notices, publication is a treat…but to win a competition is, well, something entirely new for me. Profound thanks to Bruce Beasley for the editorial guidance and discerning questions which yielded my three winning poems. The poems in question “Solicitation,” “My Life as a Damascene Sword,” and ”When we Swam Together,” will be published at the end of January.

  • Web Design

    New Website Designed for Writer Robert P. Kaye

    Flash fiction writer, novelist, and creator of short stories, Robert P. Kaye has accumulated an impressive body of work. I’m delighted I got a chance to work with this man—it was seriously fun to knock ideas around with him. (bonus: he writes great emails) His work has appeared in Potomac Review, Hobart, Juked, the Dr. T. J. Eckleburg Review, Beecher’s and elsewhere and been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Web, and Best Small Fictions. He has facilitated the Works in Progress open mic at Hugo House in Seattle for over five years and co-founded the Seattle Fiction Federation reading series. www.RobertPKaye.com

  • Thoughts & Quotes

    Of Malware and Men

    While testing out this website’s new design for 2019, Google gave me the message that everyone hates to see: This site may be hacked. Luckily, I have a lot of systems in place to dig into the guts of a website’s code and find out when evil operators have inserted malicious code. First, I recommend signing up with Google’s Search Console & Verification service. They crawl your site and let you know when any problems are found. They were the ones who alerted me that I had a problem. On my site, which uses a WordPress framework, I ran a “high sensitivity” scan via the free version of WordFence. It found malicious code…

  • Poetry & Other Writing

    Ashes, Ashes

    Ashes, Ashes Paradise is raining ash. Skies fill with blistered amber, lives upon lives swept up, flowing down California’s keening body, headed for the sea. Masked, we cough and grieve— our bodies do not want the weight of lives combusted, our bodies can not hold this reeking burden, charred. Place and its people, forest and its animals. Memories drift in shock. Stumbling. Riven. Here stands apocalypse— Paradise is lost. I wrote this during the Paradise, California fire, aka “The Camp Fire.” It was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history to date. It was also the deadliest wildfire in the United States since the Cloquet fire in 1918,…

  • Web Design

    Website Design for Bruce Blood

    Bruce Blood is my friend. He’s also a songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist whose distinctive songs capture evocative scenes from American life. As a guitarist, he is known for his versatility across genres such as folk, jazz, R&B, rock, and country. For the past 15 years, he has operated a recording studio, RMC Recording, that specializes in working with singer-songwriters and small combos. As of 2017, he also produces high-quality, small-scale music videos through Lindsey Lake Video. By the way, I also designed his logo and business card, about a year ago. What fun! www.BruceBlood.com